Redefining relationships… A small 'oasis' in the heart of urban blocks and industrial areas.

Bioclimatic complex building with special design and planning, playful and welcoming workspaces that offer high comfort and functionality. It includes offices, retail shops, warehouses, showroom, and complementary facilities as well as a green area on the rooftop of the ground floor of approximately 1.800 sq.m., providing multiple direct environmental benefits to the area and a pleasant environment to the users of the building.

Nominee for the Mies Van der Rohe Award 2011, European Architectural Awards (M. Kokkinou – A. Kourkoulas Architects)

Project: Commercial and office complex building

Location: Tavros, Attica

Assignment/Investor: SHOP & TRADE S.A.

Full project & leasing management

Built Area:
11.000 sq.m. (above ground),
9.000 sq.m. (underground)

Project cost: € 19.650.000

Status: Completed 2009