Creating enjoyable and sustainable

Our innovative developments include the first LEED® Gold certified building in Greece, Karela Office Park, as well as some of the cutting-edge office buildings in Greece and Romania.


Focusing on new records…
We make venues that are called

Our love for sports drives us.
We plan and create new destinations, giving new place to the team, the fans and the athletic community.

Leisure & Entertainment

Offering new experiences...
We transform the place, we manage the leisure time.

We have offered technical advisory and project management services to some of the most prominent shopping malls in Greece and we are now renovating the exterior of one of the most
emblematic hotels in Athens.

Logistics Centres

Supplying the supply chain with the right space…
We deliver the project so you can deliver the goods! We have offered full project management services to significant clients and have met some demanding challenges with very strict deadlines.

Mixed Use Developments

From commercial to residential and cultural to sports… we integrate the uses, you enjoy the experience!
When a multi-purpose development is in demand, you can trust DIMAND. We offer full project management or the technical advisory and ensure the effectiveness and real value of the property.

BOT Resorts

Attracting visitors, residents or
locals... Our journey in resorts deve-
lopments has started.

We have developed (built-operate-transfer) two direct property developments in Patmos and Mykonos, offering high-class residences in two of the most renowned tourist destinations in the Aegean. One more tourist development in Attica was assigned to us.

Retail Expansion Programs

Rolling out our expertise...
Delivering chains of stores on time
and within budget.

Looking for locations, negotiating the lease terms, budgeting, designing, project management and handing over, everything can be done meeting the market expectations and strict deadlines.

Urban Regeneration

Regenerating lives...
Developing future spaces today.

We have the privilege to have undertaken one of the most challenging regeneration projects in Athens, enriching our experience and expertise in urban regeneration. DIMAND manages the creation of 21st century spaces fulfilling the requirements for sustainable development, green communities and enjoyable lives for the residents and the visitors.

Residential Projects

Delivering quality services...
Enriching the lives of residents.

DIMAND offers a range of capabilities in the residential sector. We have provided technical advisory services in residential projects in Bulgaria and in Romania and we are enriching our expertise, fulfilling high standards and requirements.