DIMAND S.A. is committed to its customers and partners to conduct business based on the following key codes:

Excellence. We believe in continuous education and improvement. We work with the best professionals and we are committed to attracting, supporting, developing and retaining talented professionals.

We work with responsible stakeholders who share our vision for sustainable development. We set new benchmarks and raise the standards for ourselves and the market.

Innovation. We apply innovative practices, serving our vision to be a leading company in the range of services we provide in real estate sector.

Quality. Each and every project, small or big, is a new challenge for us and receives our custom attention. We are committed to continuously generate added value for our clients and the communities we operate in, delivering the projects on time, within budget and above expectations. Passion, endurance, discipline, hard work, setting the highest goals, achieving our potential, fulfilling our dreams, high motivation are the insights we put in every deliverable project.

Health & Safety. We ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees, subcontractors, partners and customers and we comply with legal and other regulations, related to the company's activities. We continuously provide training and guidance in our personnel in order to achieve our zero accident target.

Environmental protection and responsibility. We are committed to building a greener future by applying environmental friendly procurement criteria, minimizing ecological footprint and incorporating green practices and an environmental life cycle approach in our projects. We fully comply with environmental law.

Our excellence and innovation commitment involves:
• Collaboration with inspired and passionate individuals and partners.
• Creating optimal working environment, good communication and collaboration between employees and fairness and respect for their personality, physical and mental health and rest time.
• Respect human rights and compliance with labor law.
• Equal opportunities for development and just remuneration
• A financial management which makes stakeholders confident for the future.
• Excellent market knowledge
• Creative entrepreneurship
• Business ethics and integrity

Our quality commitment involves:
• Execution of projects undertaken within the prescribed time and in full compliance with its contractual obligations, conditions and requirements, while achieving satisfactory financial results and exceeding the expectations of our customers.
• Maintain high reliability in terms of quality and in time completion of projects.
• Review of compliance with all legal, contractual or other requirements – arrangements, internal inspections and customer satisfaction assessment in order achieve continual improvement.
• Achieve and maintain mutual understanding and sustainable cooperation with suppliers, subcontractors and other partners, as well as with our customers.
• Achievement of the goals and objectives through the implementation of integrated management system in full compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.

Our health and safety commitment involves:
• Continuous health and safety risk assessment.
• Implementation and periodical assessment of a Certified Health and Safety Management System according to the requirements of the International Standard OHSAS 18001 and applicable law.
• Contractual arrangements and subcontractor evaluation criteria towards health and safety procedures and standards met.
• Personnel active evolvement and training
• Cooperation with Authorities
• Sufficient resources

Our environmental protection and responsibility commitment involves:
• Continuous environmental aspect identification and impact assessment of our activities.
• Development and application of adequate Environmental actions and programs.
• Performance monitoring
• Development of green procurement policies and subcontractor controls.
• Achievement of the goals and objectives through the implementation of integrated management system in full compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004.
• Continuous compliance assessment with environmental law
• Personnel training and green behavior development

We are committed to work with passion, endurance and talent as a real estate development & services provider in order to offer our clients valuable properties, with respect to people, environment and society. We are one of Greece’s leading companies in our sector and we want to be innovative in every aspect of our business, delivering successful and sustainable developments, today and in the future.