Piraeus Port Plaza

Three Gold, one Platinum!

The start of a New Year is a good time to reflect on the past, plan ahead and celebrate new achievements. Part of our New Year’s resolutions was to address the need for healthier office spaces, not only for more sustainable ones. Human health and wellness are fundamental tenets of LEED, and over 70% of the credits in the rating system tie-back directly to human health and wellness strategies. This is exactly why we need to talk about the effectiveness of LEED in regard to health and wellness.
LEED certification can offer the security of high indoor air quality, which makes it especially attractive under the current circumstances, where air quality is a major issue.

When the pandemic started in March and the first guidelines regarding improved indoor air quality were announced by the government, some of our clients asked us to provide them with exact information on how the buildings, they are currently using can help them to achieve a safer environment for their employees. Having gathered the required information to show compliance with the minimum requirements for LEED certification, we were able to provide them with detailed information about filters, heat exchangers, air exchange rates and design air speed for every area of the building at a fingertip, which in return helped them to improve their space.

The fact that you cannot manage what you cannot measure, and you can´t improve what you don´t measure, gives us another reason to continue certifying our projects. Within the last three months we managed to certify a total of three of your projects with outstanding results.
The first, which achieved LEED certification during the current pandemic, is the Piraeus Port Plaza 3 – Building A & C a reconstruction project, that has managed to achieve the highest level of certification, LEED Platinum. The project consists of building part A, which houses offices on the upper floors and building part C, which offers structured parking space. The outstanding achievement of LEED Platinum showcases the sustainability potential of redevelopment projects.
The second project which received LEED certification in December 2020 is the Piraeus Port Plaza 2 – Building E, which has been certified to the Gold Level.
The third, Piraeus Port Plaza 2 – Building Z, achieved LEED Gold certification a month ago and is the first project in Greece to achieve certification in 2021. Both buildings of the Piraeus Port Plaza 2 campus host call centers.
The fourth building is Piraeus Port Plaza 3 – Building B which last week was awarded with LEED Certification to the Gold Level.

The research is clear:
The places where we spend our time have a huge impact on our overall health and well-being and it is our obligation to make them safe and welcoming for the people who nowadays return to their workplaces.

Let’s get festive.


The Municipality of Piraeus and Piraeus Tower SA, the joint investment scheme of Dimand, Prodea Investments and EBRD for the redevelopment of the Piraeus Tower, ‘light up’ the emblematic building situated in the heart of the largest port of the country, creating a festive atmosphere for all.

With diffused lights in various festive tones, movement in, out and on the rooftop of the building, the impressive 360o lighting scenarios give life and pulse to the tower, creating a bright atmosphere for everyone.

Widely visible, the Tower shines as a “beacon” of hope and optimism, in the midst of the pandemic–era, signaling rebirth, hope and faith for a better new year!

Production: YARD
Lighting design: George Tellos – Artic Design

New Developments!

The Piraeus Tower project announcement.

We are thrilled to announce and participate in the rebirth of the iconic Piraeus Tower.

Today, along with our partners EBRD and PRODEA Investments we entered into the 99-year concession agreement with the Piraeus Municipality to fully redevelop the 84m, 22-storey tower.

We welcome the challenge to transform the empty property shell into an lively, elegant, sustainable, radiating landmark development that will become the port’s lighthouse and mark the starting point of the 22km urban riviera, stretching up to Vouliagmeni.

You are welcome to view our latest project at: https://youtu.be/IfMULhC3V_k


Agios Dionyssios. A visionary district!

Figure 1 : From the left: Mr. Christos Harpantidis (Chairman & Managing Director, Papastratos), Mr. Yannis Moralis (Mayor of Piraeus), Mrs Natalia Strafti (Managing Partner, Operations, Grivalia Management), Mrs Andreea Moraru, (Regional Head of Greece & Cyprus, EBRD) and Mr. Dimitris Andriopoulos, (CEO Dimand)

We feel proud to have presented at the emblematic Piraeus Municipal Theatre one of the most important urban redevelopment programs under implementation, with total investments exceeding 250 million euros.

The program, which is based public and private actions, aims to reform the historic area of Agios Dionyssios in Piraeus. The private investments initiated by Dimand in collaboration with EBRD and Grivalia will restore the urban living environment through the re-developement of the former Papastratos tobacco facilities into international standards green office buildings, whilst the Municipality of Piraeus through its integrated Spatial Investment program and funding from the Attica Prefecture will upgrade the area’s street network and public space with pedestrian zones, bicycle lanes, parks, athletics facilities and greenery.

Figure 2 : Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic

Hellenic Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Ministers and government officials, the Piraeus municipality leadership and representatives of public and private sectors attended the event.

For more information about the program please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky8RbjrTSbo

From New Orleans to Patra.

The First Greek Moxy is here!

High tech vibes, superfast internet connections, multiple plug-in corners, smart locks and an ultimate chic ambience just added a bit more funk in the city of Patras. MOXY Patra Marina, with its hip attitude and unique design has been one of our most fun, unique and exciting projects.

Marriott International’s newest and edgiest affordable brand was inspired by modern travelers who seek urban adventures and Patra was the ideal destination, since it’s one of Greece’s most vibrant cities filled with open bars and hip crowds.

With 116 rooms, gym, pool and a series of amenities, this new venture is an important milestone for the local community and for our strategic vision, to continuously create forward-thinking, cutting edge, sustainable buildings that bring forward social and environmental values.

For more information please visit: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/gpaox-moxy-patra-marina/


Join us at Open House Athens 2019!

Open House is one of the most important global institutions for the promotion of architecture that invites the public to explore and understand the value of architecture around the world.

Our building on Anagnostopoulou Str. no. 35 opens its doors for Open House Athens 2019, on Saturday 6/4 and Sunday 7/4.

Join us for a tour! We will be glad to see you there!

For more information please visit:

Shooting for the stars…

Agemar Building awarded for Exterior Lighting design!

Changing the landscape of traditional Greek suburbia, the AGEMAR building has captured everyone’s attention from the start. Now this shining example of collaborative work and visionary design has made everyone involved in the project extremely proud with the it’s 1st international award

The AGEMAR Headquarters is the proud holder of the Best Exterior Lighting Scheme High Budget DARC AWARD 2018.

Lighting Design by Eleftheria Deko & Associates.

We are excited to announce that DIMAND is in the midst of exciting developments that include changing premises and rebranding ourselves.

From 10.12.2018 our offices will be located at 115 Neratziotissis str., 151 24 Maroussi, a move that marks a new era for DIMAND, an era of disruptive innovation, forward thinking and evolution.

As we enter the New Year we are filled with excitement and anticipation or our new ventures.

115 Neratziotissis str
GR 151 24 Maroussi
T: +30 210 8774200
info@dimand.gr www.dimand.gr

So proud!

Celebrating the completion of 3 new projects!

When you feel you ‘ve done excellent you go for the gold and when gold is not enough you go for the platinum! 3 of our projects have been recently delivered and they are all up to LEED certification. AGEMAR Building that will house the new offices of the ANGELICOUSSIS group is a candidate for LEED PLATINUM certification. NERATZIOTISSAS building that will house the new offices of the multinational RAVAGO Group is a candidate for LEED GOLD certification as well as PPP1 building (Bomba) that will house a multinational group's offices.

In DIMAND we always feel proud to showcase our expertise in sustainable design, construction and operations standards through our accredited works! Because better buildings can house better lives and better lives can make a better world!

Buildings we admire!


We are proud to announce that the Kerameikos Office Complex reconstruction project has received a LEED certification to the GOLD level reforming a 10.855 sq.m. office complex, consisting of four buildings, built in several phases from 1959 to 1975, into a creative working environment housing a call centre of E-value, a subsidiary of Cosmote GoC.

This exemplary building was chosen by the Urban Land Institute (ULI Greece & Cyprus) to house an event which aimed to showcase the market trends of green labeled buildings. The event titled “Buildings We Admire - Site Tour of OTE Estate Kerameikos” provided an excellent opportunity to learn from industry experts and to meet fellow real estate professionals.

The event included a site tour and a panel discussion on the market trends of green labeled buildings, including lessons from the application in the Greek market.
DIMAND was invited by the Urban Land Institute to participate in this interesting discussion and Mrs Olga Itsiou, our Technical Director, shared our experience of developing successfully sustainable buildings.
The speaker panel also included Mrs. Natalia Strafti, COO of Grivalia and Mr. Giorgos Taboureas, Director for Construction & Infrastructure of OTE Estate. The panel was moderated by Mr. Charalampos Giannikopoulos, Managing Director of DCarbon.

ULI is the oldest and largest network of cross-disciplinary real estate and land use experts in the world, with the mission of shaping the future of the industry and creating thriving communities around the globe.

The Kerameikos Office Complex project is yet another example of our successful cooperation with OTE Estate.

G. IOAKIMIDIS S.A. New Building!

Second time around!

We are proud to announce that G. IOAKIMIDIS S.A. has assigned DIMAND with the design management, tendering procedures and construction management of the company’s office building and logistics center extension, in Koropi Attica.

Dimand had successfully delivered the first 2.073,50 sq.m. building back in 2011. To serve the new company needs with top performance standards and a more efficient logistics process, G. IOAKIMIDIS S.A. has appointed DIMAND to deliver the new building extension, embracing our commitment to excellence, innovation and quality.

The new 1.850 sq.m. development includes a two-storey office area and logistics centre as well as an outdoor green area and will feature new solutions for energy production and performance.

Both the existing and the new building are designed by AETER Architects and are defined by high profile curtains on the façade, which serve natural lighting into the workspace. Additionally, the outer white decorative architectural elements, in alternation with the vertical curtain walls, create the impression of a gigantic barcode.

With the addition of the new building which is due in Spring of 2018, the total premises will consist of 3.914,21 sq.m.

Getting to know the Vice President of USGBC!

Dimand’s role as leader in sustainable development has been acknowledged most recently by the visit of the Vice President – Strategic Relations of the U.S. Green Building Council, Mr. Marc Heisterkamp, who wanted to get to know the company that managed to achieve the first LEED certification in Greece and since then has been responsible for a continuous number of registered and certified projects.

Mr. Heisterkamp was keen to discuss the development of the green building movement in Greece in general and the difficulties Dimand has encountered and faces on a day to day basis, when implementing sustainable design and construction strategies. He was happy to see how well Dimand has been acquainted with the LEED rating systems and how much knowledge Dimand holds regarding other partner certification programs. Other certifications that were discussed in more detail during the meeting include SITES, PARKSMART and WELL, which might be relevant for further projects of Dimand.

Mr. Heisterkamp congratulated Dimand on their leadership in transforming the Greek real estate market. He especially pointed out, that in other countries the first LEED projects mostly were undertaken by American companies, who build abroad, which makes it a lot easier for them, as they already now the certification procedure from the beginning of the design of a project.

Mr. Heisterkamp pointed out that the USGBC has just announced the opening of its first European offices, which will make the whole certification procedure easier in the future. With regional offices in different areas of the world the USGBC hopes to overcome the image of an “American” certification system especially as it has been adapted already in over 170 countries worldwide. He further pointed out, that he will be happy to cooperate with Dimand in order to help implementing sustainable projects in the future.

Mr Marc Heisterkamp, was accompanied by Mr Jason Hercules, Manager of USGBC, LEED Location and Transportation Specialist.

Facilitation Growth!

Construction has started at Yara Hellas S.A. new terminal!

DIMAND has been involved in yet another challenging project! Our large experience in industrial buildings and especially logistics centers has led us to the assignment of the engineering, procurement and construction management for a new terminal for Yara Hellas S.A., the Hellenic branch of the Norwegian multinational fertilizer company Yara.

Yara is the world’s leader in the production and distribution of mineral fertilizer. The project involves storage and packaging facilities located at the 2nd industrial area of Volos. It started in November 2015 and has now entered the construction phase. It combines specialized technical specifications, efficiency and logistics issues, as well as very high standards regarding environmental protection and world class standards regarding safety.

DIMAND’s commitment to safety and environmental standards is essential throughout the development of this project. While Yara’s 5 Golden Rules of Safety made the competition for the construction companies very difficult, DIMAND as a project manager has lived up to the high expectations of the client.

A35 - The reestablishment of a historical property!

On Wednesday, November 30, DIMAND hosted the “The Ice Project” photography exhibition by Yannis Kontos at the recently restored and renovated A35 property.

Mr. Stergios Pitsiorlas, Deputy Minister of Economy and Development and ex President of the HRADF, introduced the event and the first public presentation of the A35 property after its restoration and renovation.

A35 is a 812 sqm 4-storey Historical Listed Building and Work of Art, located at 35 Anagnostopoulou str, in Kolonaki, Athens, erected within the inter-war period (1923-1939) by architect V. Tsagris and considered a monument of the eclecticism style.

It has been occupied by author N. Kazantzakis, transferred to the Greek Public in 1961 and sold by the HRADF to Alkinoe SA in 2014.

Alkinoe undertook full restoration works which among other revealed ceiling and wall paintings of high aesthetics and also renovated the building’s infrastructure to create modern and multifunctional premises.

Dimand would like to thank all distinguished members of the political, business, engineering and cultural communities that honored the event and participated in the property’s reestablishment.

Unlocking capital for energy efficiency projects..

Transparency in energy efficient renovations. DIMAND is the first company in Greece which has received the qualification of Credentialed Project Developer and Credentialed Quality Assurance Provider from the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Europe. The credentials show that DIMAND is a company that is able to deliver transparent projects that increase confidence to owners and investors.

ICP's Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ (IREE™) is an international certification that insures best practices, the right professionals and third-party validation that are used to deliver high-quality projects that you can bank on. This certification is delivered to projects that have been developed by ICP Credentialed Project Developers and reviewed by ICP Credentialed Quality Assurance Providers.

ICP Europe protocols ensure the high standards in developing quality projects and safer returns for investors. After the ICP announced their partnership with the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), which will be responsible administering the ICP system next year, it was our major priority in DIMAND to become the first company in Greece to join the network of credentialed professionals.

ICP Allies include leading companies of the world in the field of engineering, in the capital market and the energy sector. The aim of the program is to unlock access to financing for the building renovation market by standardizing how energy efficiency projects are developed, documented and measured.
ICP Ally Network includes companies like ARUP, E.ON, Europe Regional Network of the World Green Building Council, Kingspan, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Siemens and many more.

Investor Confidence Project is developing a best practice framework to standardize the process for predicting and measuring energy savings, enabling the acceleration of energy efficiency investments and the emergence of a robust and thriving commercial building sector

The development of the ICP Europe protocols received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

Back to the future...

Restoring a real
architectural jewel!

DIMAND has the honor to have undertaken the renovation and conservation of the Anagnostopoulou 35 building, which has been characterized as a Historical Listed Monument and Work of Art by the Ministry of Culture. The project management - design management, tendering procedures, construction management services- are in progress and no words seem enough to describe our awe for the beauty revealed during the conservation works of this built heritage. The restoration of the building is being conducted by two sub-contractors, “ACT + Design Lab - Konstantinos Stratigopoulos and partners“, responsible for the structural reinforcement, building and M&E works, and “Lithou Synteresis “ who have conducted the study of conservation and are responsible for the restoration of the ceiling frescos, friezes, cornices, moldings and staircase

The works are planned in two phases, the first of which includes the aesthetic restoration of the ceiling frescos, friezes, cornices and moldings, and the second which includes the repositioning of the ceiling frescos and the placement of the marble entrance staircase. A photographic project is being conducted in parallel, to keep a track record of this cultural and unique real estate project.

Thinking backwards…
Designing forward…

Tavros Office Complex now certified with LEED® Platinum!

“The greenest building is the one already built.” This is a saying heard when considering the environmental impacts of demolishing old buildings and constructing new ones. Consider now a building constructed in a way that it is way ahead of its time… This is the case of Tavros Office Building, a landmark development that incorporated a bioclimatic approach to workplace design and offered an excellent working environment. Starting from innovation, it was easier for Tavros Office Building to achieve excellence and be now LEED® Platinum certified, at the green building certification program for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance™, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council® (USGBC).

The direct property development and full project management of the building was undertaken by DIMAND in 2008 and was completed in 2010, covering 24.314 sq.m. of office space, training areas, breakout areas, parking in the basement and ancillary spaces at a cost of 46 mio. Several innovative practices and improvements were implemented by the proprietor and leaser of the building, including reduction in potable water consumption, rain water cistern, mitigation of the urban heat island effect, reduction of light pollution, optimization of E/M operation systems and others aiming at the holistic management of sustainability.

It really feels wonderful to know that we have contributed to such an achievement and that our initial work is recognized by its today proprietors, GRIVALIA, as crucial to their pathway to LEED Platinum certification! Being already the first company in Greece to have constructed a building certified with LEED Gold – the Karela Office Park…

It seems like we really have bonds with the green building leadership!!

Anangel Maritime New HQ's!

Facing Phase II: Challenge undertaken!

When assigned with such a demanding and great project like the full development and project management of the Anangel Maritime New Headquarters, we, in DIMAND, always feel proud to proceed from phase to phase! Because each phase is like giving birth to a “child”. Having completed the excavations, the retaining structures as well as the structural frame of the building, we are now proud to announce that we have entered the most challenging phase of the project. Phase II, including the construction of the marble façade, the MEP and the architectural works, is already in progress. Once again, we are committed to work with passion, endurance and innovation!

The state-of-the-art building consists of 13.200sqm main use areas spread in 8 storeys, as well as 16.000sqm basement areas and parking areas spread in 4 sub-levels. The Anangel Maritime new HQs will accommodate office areas, training centre with simulators, amphitheatre, museum, library, internal pool and gym and a restaurant.

Phase II is programmed to be completed by the end of 2017.

2015 Olympus Marathon…

One mountain higher! One route further!

Our commitment to running reflects our devotion to excellence. The most amazing running meeting among those we participated lately was the Olympus Marathon, on the 28th of June 2015. The amazing scenery, including downhill slopes, pine-tree forests, steep slopes, rocky trails, the gorge of Enippeas and the breathtaking Olympus peak “Zeus’ Throne”, at a total length of 44 km “running with the gods”… proved to be a divine experience.

Runner Store, our athletic and business passion, was one of the great sponsors of 2015 Olympus Marathon. 749 athletes from 28 countries participated in the race, out of which 562 finished. We are proud to have Panos Panayiotides (8:50), General Manager of DIMAND and Nikos Dimtsas (8:58), Chief Financial Officer, in this amazing team of mountain runners! Our next appointment with the Gods is at Winter Enippeas that will be held on the 13th of December 2015.

Celebrating Excellence!

Build Commercial Property Awards 2020 Developers of the Year and more…

2020 is a breakthrough year for Dimand and our pioneering approach to sustainable, efficient, innovative developments. Celebrating 15years in the Greek Real Estate market we have managed to contribute to the growth of our local industry with iconic buildings, environmental friendly developments and integrated regeneration projects.

Through a combined effort with our partners, bankers and investors, as well as industry stakeholders, we have achieved excellence that makes us prouder than ever.

Commercial Property Awards committee recognized our achievements and awarded Dimand “Developer of the Year” with outstanding projects in following categories:

Gold for Best Regeneration Project (Piraeus Port Plaza – Agios Dionisios Piraeus)
Gold for Best New Project in Progress for New Office Building Development with PRODEA INVESTMENTS (Importex Project)
Silver [Category Winner] for Best New Development – Industrial Building (Yara Terminal Volos)
Silver for Best New Development – Office (Neratziotissa Office Building)
Silver for Best Renovation – Office (Piraeus Port Plaza 1)
Bronze for Best Renovation – Office (Piraeus Port Plaza 2)

Our founder and CEO, Dimitris Andriopoulos quoted: “It is always an honor to receive recognition for years of hard work and I thank everyone at Commercial Property Awards for the positive experience. Most importantly I would like to thank each and every one of our people, who through passion and love for that we do, working together, made us stand out as a team! I wish to all good health, happiness and success in the coming year and always”.


Mt. Olympus. On the rise!

Over the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly highlighted the urgent need for safe and responsible working and living conditions.
In an global emergency mode, through adapting, planning and effective teamwork, we successfully managed to stay on the rise. Today of all days, with our teams more motivated and a stronger organization, we are convinced and we feel more than ever driven to continue to offer our best practices.

A golden future for the Port of Piraeus…

PIRAEUS PORT PLAZA 1 now certified with LEED® Gold!

Dimand is about to transform the neighborhood of Agios Dionysios, with the redevelopment of the former Papastratos facilities. Our first milestone, the completion of the first building PIRAEUS PORT PLAZA 1 which already houses the offices of a multinational company, has been reached and the results were better than expected. The reconstructed building has created a golden future for the Port of Piraeus with LEED certification to the GOLD level that verifies sustainable achievements.

A number of innovative and energy conservation measures were taken during the construction:
• Passive design strategies in cooperation with daylight and occupancy sensors.
• Light pollution reduction strategies with highly efficient LED fixtures
• Use of environmentally friendly materials focused on protecting both the health of construction workers and the building users.
• A complete transformation of the former warehouse building was implemented with innovative design solutions, such as the creation of multiple windows in order to create views and pathways that would allow air and light to move freely through it.
• A small oasis was created within an interior courtyard
• Τhe former loading and parking areas were transformed into vast vegetated open space with shading structures and blooming native flora
• The newly constructed basement houses bicycle parking areas and electrical vehicle charging stations

The unique sustainable detail of rain water and air-conditioning condensate collection for the irrigation of the aforementioned landscape areas, the redesign of the storm water system, the unique rain water pipes that stand out, are details that enhance the vision behind the building: To create a sustainable, uniquely designed futuristic world.

Delivering a landmark...

Agemar Building awarded LEED Platinum!

We could count it in 4,3 years, 51 months, 1570 days, 37.668 hours, 2.260.080 minutes… Or in tons of stamina, miles of endurance, levels of innovation. The result is a state-of-the art bioclimatic building that rewarded us with the highest certification in the rating system of USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council®). The LEED Platinum!

Realizing such a demanding and great project like the full development and project management of the Anangel Maritime New Headquarters required the implementation of many innovations. Green roof and vertical gardens, high reflecting roofing materials, the highest standards of quality for all materials, great water features that improve the microclimate, a new kind of terazzo for the indoor common areas ensuring the best quality of air, a horizontal geothermal system underneath the entire building footprint and a vertical geothermal system with almost 50 boreholes are only some of them. The parking areas have been equipped with power supplies for electric car charging. But it would not be possible to call the building highly sustainable if it was not for its very low energy and water consumptions. The building uses a combination of LED lighting, motion sensors and daylight sensors to reduce energy demand and highly efficient sanitary items combined with huge rain water cisterns to minimize potable water consumption.

The inclusion of secure bicycle racks, shower and changing facilities, a gym and pool area provide the opportunity for a healthy lifestyle.

In DIMAND we never cease dreaming, planning and realizing. Every journey creates a new benchmark. Every new path is a challenge accepted! Always proud to deliver! Once again awarded!

Tremendously challenging, truly rewarding...

Our annual pilgrimage to the “Mountain of the Gods”

Once again to our favorite mountain, this year with personal records for many of our colleagues. DIMAND was present to the annual appointment of this epic trail event with Panos Panagiotidis 8:18:50, Nikos Dimtsas 8:34:29 and many other colleagues who participated in smaller routes and had very good personal performances.
With a series of different routes challenging the runners, Olympus Marathon, Olympus Ultra, Olympus Vertical, On the edge of eagles and Melindra Trail, we felt there was a real upgrade of the race that resulted in more entries from abroad and Greece. The two first routes took place early in the morning of the 23rd of June, starting from Dion and ending at Litochoro.
The spirit of the mountain of the Gods met the spirit of celebration, and nothing compared with the feeling of having accomplished one more challenge.
Our appointment for Olympus Marathon 2019 was set! Next year let’s go vertical and higher! The sky is the limit!

LEEDing certification in Greece…

Recognition that comes from the experts!

The recent visit of Kay Killmann, Managing Director of GBCI Europe, was an opportunity for us to showcase our track record of sustainable developments in the Greek real estate market and the reason that made Charalambos Giannikopoulos, CEO of DCarbon, to suggest considering DIMAND as a candidate for the European Greenbuild Leadership Awards. It is an honour for us to be considered eligible for an award which recognizes exceptional organizations and individuals at the forefront of the green building movement and which has been initially introduced during the Greenbuild Europe Conference in April 2018.

Starting from the use of passive design strategies, our unrestrained commitment to secure better solutions for our clients seizing the challenges of the Greek recession, has led us to make change an opportunity! The green roof of the SHOP & TRADE Office Complex and our next more holistic approach at the TAVROS Office Complex, where we added high-efficiency mechanical equipment, which helped the property later on obtaining LEED O+M certification to the Platinum level are bright examples of our best practices within the ‘Green building – sustainability’ global movement.
During the tough years in the Greek real-estate market we developed the KARELA OFFICE PARK building, the first LEED Gold level certified building in Greece! Furthermore, we redeveloped the OTE Estate Kerameikos building, which was certified last year by the GBCI to LEED Gold level.

In 2018 a few of our most important developments are to receive LEED certification. The line-up includes the new ANANGEL maritime headquarters aiming for the Platinum level, the NERATZIOTISSA office building (due in 2019) and the COSMOTE TV and PIRAEUS PORT PLAZA 1 projects, all aiming for LEED certification to the Gold level.

We continue to lead the local market by introducing the first projects aiming for LEED certification on a campus level as part of the PIRAEUS PORT PLAZA developments and by taking sustainability into the operational level, registering the first project in Greece for Parksmart certification.


Feeling proud… Cheering on for a new record!

Once you run your first marathon race, you have a personal record. Once you run your second marathon race, you have a personal best. But the moment you get ahead of yourself, you can call it your personal best achievement! Panos Panayiotides smashed his personal record in the Valencia Marathon, improving it by 7,5 minutes. His stamina, strength and will were the ingredients of his great success, proving to all of us that there is no better competitor than yourself!

Valencia Marathon is Spain’s fastest Marathon and a real celebration of the athletic spirit! Congratulations to Panos! We wish all the runners of DIMAND to live their own personal best moment at the finishing line of a running city!

From Athens to Valencia…

From the birthplace of the Marathon to the “City of Running”!

Upholding the spirit of a running culture, DIMAND is, for one more time, proud to have two of its people finishing the authentic Marathon of Athens, on November 12th. Nikos Dimtsas, an experienced long distance runner and Gerasimos Evgenios who accomplished his personal achievement, running for the first time, finished the race of 42.195 km in Athens, which is considered to be the most difficult route of all marathons.

Now we are heading for Valencia, with Panos Panayiotides preparing for his participation in the Valencia Marathon which is held on November 19th. Valencia has a lot to offer as marathon destination as it is a paradigm for developing a running market and has created a real amusement park for runners, building its brand name as the “City of Running”.

Congratulations to all our colleagues who participated in all the races of the event and all the best to the ones who follow.

We keep up living a healthy lifestyle and running for some of the best values in life. Stamina, strong will and passion for accomplishments.

Running up to a new level of competition…

Olympus Marathon 2017!

The Olympus Marathon is a unique 44km 3.200asc historic mountain race in the Mountain of Gods with global reach and participation! It took place on June 24,2017 under unfavorable weather conditions due to heat and gathered top Greek and foreign athletes. Egea Aritz from Spain won the men’s competition setting a new race record of 4:24:26 and Dimitris Theodorakakos (4:46:13) was fourth and the first Greek. Ragna Debats from Netherlands (5:18:20) won the women’s competition and Glykeria Tziatzia (5:46:04) was fourth and the first Greek. Dimand was represented by Panos Panayiotides, COO and Nikos Dimtsas, CFO who successfully finished the race with passion and perseverance.

This year a new subsidiary race was launched on June 25. It is a route of 14km within the Enippeas river canyon of magnificent beauty, called on “On the edge of eagles” as one can frequently see eagles flying around. It’s a good introductory race for the marathon and a real challenge for 16 Dimand colleagues participated.

We are very proud and would like to congratulate all of our participants.

Our running community is growing and our goals are set higher and higher!

Developing an emblematic urban property!

DIMAND enters a joint venture for the Papastratos buildings!

DIMAND recently acquired three city blocks in Piraeus that housed the former Papastratos tobacco facilities and has created a joint venture with Grivalia Properties for the redevelopment of one of them into an upgraded commercial use building, to be delivered in mid 2017.

The property enjoys excellent accessibility to the Piraeus port and its business centre. It will have a superstructure GLA of c.10.500 sq.m and underground parking and auxiliary areas of c.4.000 sq.m. It will be developed according to the principles of sustainability, ensuring its energy and environmental efficiency. The total capital investment is estimated at around €14m;

The project is expected to create value for its shareholders and the Piraeus community.

We are proud to invest in new projects, foster cooperation and set demanding targets.

2016 Olympus Marathon

Running with the gods…. Worshiping the trail spirit!

The lucky 13th Olympus Marathon was carried out on the 26th of June at Mt. Olympus and ended with some awesome new records and achievements for men and women. “Our” Runner Store’s ambassador Dimitris Theodorakakos, was the winner for men with the third best time of all times and Glykeria Tziatzia was the first of Greek women and second finisher in women! This year’s Olympus Marathon attracted many foreign runners, with Stevie Kremer, one of the greatest American mountain runners, being the winner at women, accomplishing a new record. But if winning is one side of victory, participating and finishing is the side of personal victory. Once more we celebrated the participants of this unique trail running event, Nikos Dimtsas, Chief Financial Officer of DIMAND, Dimitris Andriopoulos, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Panos Panayiotides, General Manager!

The race is the most difficult mountain trail in Greece. We are proud to be part of this amazing community for the third year! Our team spirit and our drive for personal achievements is invigorating us to keep up running… up and high where goals meet dreams. Olympus Marathon will always be a divine experience.

"LEED"er in Education!

At DIMAND we once more shared our experience, this time with the new generation of engineers. Actually within this year it is the third time that students learn from our experience first hand. First on the 02.02.2016 the post graduate students of TEI visited our already constructed building KARELA office park in order to learn how it was possible to receive the first LEED certification and what made this project special. Already last year the specific course came to visit us and learn about the project and considering all the happy faces, we think it surely will not be the last time.

At our new construction site of the AGGEMAR office building we had a group of architectural students who came all the way from Thessaloniki to learn about the architectural challenges of this landmark building complex. They were interested in learning about the implementation of the architectural design during the construction progress and the procedures that guarantee the designed quality of finishings. After this general tour of the site, the group from Thessaloniki was happy to hear about the LEED green building certification program the project follows and how it influenced the specific building design.

Due to the successful presentation, we received an invitation to Thessaloniki in order to inform another group of students about our projects. Last week Sandra Baer, our responsible for sustainable development and LEED Accredited Professional (BD+C), spoke to the post graduate architectural students of the Aristoteles University at Thessaloniki about the LEED certification in general and the challenges of its application in Greece in detail.

We are proud to be a part of the green future of education!

Up and Running at ...

Pearl Izumi Mountain Cup 2016!

There comes a time when you hear a certain call! Not the call of duty. but the call of nature! That's what we did on the 28th of February 2016! Dimand Running Team and Friends. made it happen!

We participated in the Pearl Izumi Mountain Cup at the 6km and 11km runs at Parnitha and we actually felt that we became a part of a big mountain family!! The run was organized by TrailPro and "our" Runner Store was one of the sponsors of Pearl Izumi Mountain Cup which was completed with the third run at Parnitha Mountain!
Our high moral led us to the heights of mountain running and it was worth it!! Join us!! Develop yourself by reaching higher goals!!

We love the run!

We lived the 33rd Authentic Athens Marathon run!

Well begun is half done… Well finished is a Marathon done! This is the truth when you start participating in Marathon runs and two runners from the DIMAND running team proved it true for one more time! Nikos and Dimitris ran the full 42.195m race of the 33rd Authentic Athens Marathon that took place on Sunday, November 8, 2015, while Tassos participated in the 5km race.

It was a wonderful sunny day and a big celebration of physical, mental and psychological strength for a record number of participants. We are happy to have been part of this flood of runners in one of the biggest sports events in Athens. Congratulations to Nikos, Dimitris and Tassos! Keep running! Keep sharing the vision! Keep overcoming the things you once thought you wouldn’t!

Dimand 2005-2015 !

Realizing our vision...

Dimand started its journey in real estate development and related services in 2005. A handful of people shared a vision of creating a company capable of delivering valuable properties and becoming among the leaders of the Greek industry. Today, 10 years down the road, we are leading our way in the market, outperforming many of our competitors.

Operating as proprietary and/or fee developers and development managers, we have managed to hand over some of the most demanding projects inclusive of the first LEED Gold certified building in Greece. We love to set new benchmarks and raise the standards for ourselves and the market. Anniversaries are a fine opportunity not only to look back but also to set forth and conquer new milestones.

Our vision to work with passion, endurance and innovation is more than ever alive. And such spirit of creative entrepreneurship is what we mostly celebrate in Dimand every day.

We shared our experience!
We gained a new experience!

1st Forum for Sustainable Building in Greece!

We are committed to building a greener future! We are sustaining the hope for a better life in Greece! This could be in brief the outcome from the discussion held on the 1st Forum for the Implementation and the Business Case for Sustainable Buildings in Greece. DIMAND was there with Olga Itsiou, Technical Director, contributing her utmost with the presentation of KARELA OFFICE PARK - the first building in Greece certified with LEED® Gold – business case and the experience gained from its implementation.

The forum was held on October 18, 2014 at Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall, and it was organized by Building Green Magazine, in collaboration with Ecoveritas, a pioneering sustainability consulting company, Inzeb, Institute of Zero Energy Buildings and Sustain, a sustainability consulting company. It was joined by a large number of building industry professionals and proved to be a first class opportunity for enhancing relations with market experts, gaining knowledge on the latest trends and exchanging views on the critical issue of sustainable development in Greece and the perspective of it in the current situation of financial crisis. DIMAND had a lead in the discussion of LEED certification process with the KARELA OFFICE PARK case, engaging the multifaceted aspects of all stakeholders of this pioneering project, while Chr. Vassilopoulos from OTE - COSMOTE, tenant of the building, spoke on the added value derived from operating in such a building.

Wishing to remain active and up to date with the rapidly changing marketplace as well as the rapidly changing environment of investments in sustainable real estate assets and real estate funds, we will keep participating in interesting and fruitful fora. Stay tuned!

We had a great time!

DIMAND sponsored the 3rd Energizer Night Run!

The Energizer Night Run, a 5km loop route, took place in the centre of Athens, on Saturday, April 12, 2014 for the third time. It was a moving celebration of light and life, giving the opportunity to 4.000 runners to make their most spectacular race.
DIMAND sponsored the 3rd Energizer Night Run which is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility program of Energizer and is co-organized with the City of Athens Cultural, Sport & Youth Organization (www.cityofathens.gr/opanda). This year the race was held for the support of Floga organization, the Pan Hellenic parents association of children with cancer (www.floga.org.gr).

In DIMAND, we are proud to have participated both as a running team and as a sponsor, supporting with all our efforts the social and athletic part of the race.

+ Energizer Night Run Photos !

Shop & Trade

Nominee for the A+ Awards 2014!

Out of the thousands of projects that were submitted, less than 20% were chosen by the Jury as Special Mention honorees. The SHOP & TRADE Building is among them!!!

Good luck to Kokkinou - Kourkoulas Architects

ARCHITIZER - The world's largest and fastest growing website for architecture has launched the definitive architectural award program with 60+ categories and over 300 jurors. The Architizer A+ Awards received entries from a 100 countries and represents the best of architecture and design worldwide.

Winners are chosen by illustrious jury including such industry luminaries as Charles Renfro, Bjarke Ingels and Denise Scott Brown, as well as people from beyond architecture like Tony Hsieh (CEO, Zappos), Yves Behar (Fuseproject), John Edelman (CEO, Design Within Reach), Cameron Sinclair (Architecture for Humanity) and Barry Bergdoll (MoMA).

Karela Office Park 2008-2012.

A Special Publication to celebrate the most ambitious of our projects!

In DIMAND we want to be proud to present our works, the same way the works of art are being proudly presented and thus admired and enjoyed! A film, a painting, a sculpture, a book… This is why we have published two books already, the first for the New Larissa Football Stadium and the second for the Karela Office Park.

Our second publication imprints in 212 pages the evolution of the first LEED® Gold certified building in Greece, with striking photos of the building, its architectural details and finishes and the people that worked with body and soul for this development.

The Karela Office Park book was our Christmas gift to the project contributors, existing and prospective clients, opinion leaders and journalists, in order to communicate our gratitude, vision and work for innovative solutions in green development and sustainability. Because green living is the only way to reconnect with our environment, in a way that respects nature, people and buildings.

All photos of the book are by Nikos Daniilidis, our photographer, friend and co-athlete in marathon runs. Thank you Nikos, once more!

Keeping our promise to support the industry's development!

"Regenerating the city" sponsored by DIMAND in the 15th Prodexpo conference.

DIMAND was once again a sponsor of PRODEXPO, the prestigious annual real estate development conference, that was held on the 6th and 7th of October at the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens. We proudly sponsored the "Regenerating the city" section of the conference, with a panel of speakers who covered different aspects of the urban regeneration and presented past, present and future urban regeneration projects. Dimitris Andriopoulos, our CEO and Chairman, introduced the audience to the theme and coordinated the conversation which was joined by a large and warm audience with great enthusiasm and vivid participation.

George Frangou, General Manager of Group Real Estate in the National Bank of Greece (NBG), spoke about the energy optimization project of the bank’s buildings, presenting the challenges faced, the methods followed and the advantages earned. Theodore Maravelias, Chief Technical Officer of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, spoke about the most important regeneration project in Athens at the time being, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, which is in good progress and due for year 2015. Andreas Kourkoulas, Architect, from Kokkinou+Kourkoulas Architects & Associates, spoke about the necessity of having a City Chief Architect leading the urban regeneration and architectural profile of the city, such as in the case of Barcelona. Renzo Piano award winners, senior architecture students Agis Mourelatos and Spiros Giotakis, presented their logic and work on new urban projects. Architects Ermis Chalvatzis and Natassa Lianou, members of the elite design core-team of Zaha Hadid in London presented their urban regeneration proposition for Athens’ black hole, Votanikos.

The conference concluded successfully, regenerating our hope and expectations for an open, bright, vivid and friendly city.

We are proud to be part of this community!!!

Facilities Management Awards

KARELA OFFICE PARK stands out in Facilities Management Awards 2014!

The outstanding facility management practices of ΚARELA OFFICE PARK, this exceptional project of DIMAND, were recognized in a domestic contest this time. The Facilities Management Awards 2014 chose DIMAND as the facility manager together with ALL EXPERTS, the supplier and installer of the BMS system, as the GOLD finalists in the Operations Category for Energy Management and Certifications. This award comes in a moment when sustainable development and green building are on the top of the issues, regarding the future of real estate development in Greece. The Facilities Management Awards are organized by Plant Management of Boussias Communications and they recognize outstanding and innovative FM practices on an absolute scale evaluation. The ceremony took place on May 5, 2014 at Maroussi Plaza and the prize was received by Panos Panagiotides, General Manager of DIMAND.

ΚARELA OFFICE PARK achieves its energy efficiency, combining reduced energy consumption and reduced operation costs, by implementing best practices and measurable strategies and solutions in energy management. It is already LEED® Gold certified for following the standards of the LEED rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Furthermore the USGBC chose to showcase this project at its official project directory. Details regarding the performance of KARELA OFFICE PARK regarding LEED requirements can be found at the official project profile at

Anangel Maritime New HQ's!

In full progress!

Having been appointed with the full project and development management of the Anangel Maritime New Headquarters, DIMAND manages now the first construction phase of this ambitious project. We aim to bring our efficiency and innovation in every aspect of the project and deliver the 7-storey building to Agemar, owner of the property, within budget and time. The works on site have progressed to 80% of excavations and retaining structures - by end of February 2014 – and they cover an area of approx. 5.000 sq.m. and 16 m height. Phase I is planned to be completed at the mid of March 2014, while Phases II and III will follow, during which the load bearing structure and hot shell will be constructed.

The state-of-the-art building will include Anangel Maritime office spaces, as well as educational centre, shipping departments and private basement parking area, Museum, Library, Café for the Administration, Offices of the Foundation, Gym, Amphitheatre and Restaurant.

Phase I. Technical details.
The retaining structures are being developed with the use of 107 concrete piles and 47 steel piles (Berlinoise wall), over which anchors are being constructed, while the excavation sides are being covered with shortcrete. The piles are joined on top by the use of reinforced concrete beams.

Setting a new benchmark…

KARELA OFFICE PARK the first LEED® Gold certified building in Greece.

Even though we, in DIMAND, are well accustomed to work on demanding projects that require passion, innovation and stamina, we definitely rank the KARELA OFFICE PARK as one of our most challenging and loved sites.

Our mission to achieve a fully operational sustainable building, with innovative workspaces and state-of-art eco-architecture lead us to follow the standards of the LEED® rating system, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the foremost programme for buildings, homes and communities that are designed, constructed, maintained and operated for improved environmental and human health performance.

KARELA OFFICE PARK was awarded LEED® Gold for implementing practical and measurable strategies and solutions aimed at achieving high performance in:
> sustainable site development
> water savings
> energy efficiency
> materials selections
> indoor environmental quality.

“With each new LEED-certified building, we get one step closer to USGBC’s vision of a sustainable built environment within a generation,” said Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO & Founding Chair, U.S. Green Building Council. “As the newest member of the LEED family of green buildings, KARELA OFFICE PARK is an important addition to the growing strength of the green building movement.”

Over 44.000 projects are currently participating in the commercial and institutional LEED rating systems, comprising over 8 billion square feet of construction space in all 50 states and 120 countries. We are proud to have delivered one of these projects and to have set the example for the real estate development sector in Greece, realizing our vision to be innovative in every aspect of our business!

Karela Office Park

one of the featured projects in 4th International Green Roof Congress!

Superlative Green Roof projects, outstanding speakers and top-class presentations took place at the 4th International Green Roof Congress in Istanbul, April 20–21, 2015. Karela Office Park, one of the exceptional works of DIMAND, was presented to 500 participants from 35 different countries as part of the theme “Green Roofs in Mediterranean and Dry Climates”. Maria Kokkinou from Kokkinou + Kourkoulas Architects & Associates and Helli Pagkalou of Elandscape addressed the standards of this first LEED Gold certified bioclimatic building in Greece and its state-of-the-art eco-architecture, demonstrating the possibilities of green roofs as an urban planning tool. Karela Office Park, housing 1.800 employees in 30.000 sq.m., features an ‘elevated’ Mediterranean green roof, where its users can walk, relax and exercise.

Other groundbreaking Green Roof projects such as Marina Bay Sands, a landscape park in Singapore standing almost 200 meters above sea level, Bosco Verticale, a double-towered skyscraper in Milan with a façade-forest, and the congress venue itself, the Zorlu Center in Istanbul, whose roof garden is built on an elevated grade of 33 meters were presented by renowned speakers.

The conclusion of the congress of the International Green Roof Association (IGRA) might be summarized in the motto “The Sky is the limit – Nothing is impossible” which means that there is much to be discovered in terms of new form and spatial utilization. In DIMAND we are always all ears and… all minds open to the future trends!!

Heading for Dusseldorf…

Participating in METRO GROUP Marathon Dusseldorf 2014!

We are a committed team of marathoners. Our athletic and business commitment goes hand in hand. So our next running meeting is in Dusseldorf, on the 27th of April 2014. The proverbial Rhenish joie-de-vivre and the cosmopolitan charm of this fair trade city is going to host DIMAND's team along with thousands of marathoners and fans from all over the world. DIMAND wishes its team the best performance and a new personal record for each one of them. A marathon is more than a way to keep fit and healthy, it is about setting the highest goals and achieving them; it is a way to celebrate life and be passionate for your dreams!