DIMAND has undertaken the development management of the first and second phase of a new sport venue, in Nea Smirni, a suburb of Athens, with architectural preliminary study by Theofanis Bobotis Architects. The new sport venue will encompass a modern football stadium, with capacity of 12.000 seats, two fully covered arenas (basketball and volleyball), an aquatic complex (water polo pool of 33m., swimming pool of 25m., pools for children learning), a track and field training centre, facilities for boxing, rhythmic gymnastics, wrestling, etc.
It will also encompass a building complex of 6.500 sq.m. for complementary amenities of the football stadium (vestry, administration offices, restaurants, VIP accommodations, space and facilities to host the press), as well as underground car parking of up to 770 slots, office space, commercial uses spaces and entertainment facilities.
Our services include Negotiations with the state and local authorities, Planning research and strategy, Budgeting, Design and consultants' management, Legal advisory, Financial and tax planning, Business plan, Marketing services, Market research, Procurement of funding procedure.

Project: Sport facilities

Location: Nea Smirni, Attica


Services: Development management

Buildable Area: 52.465 sq.m.

Project value: € 60.000.000 approx.

Status: On hold