OTE Estate Kerameikos

A LEED® Gold certified building...

Reconstruction of a 10.855 sq.m. office complex within a 2.856,52 sq.m plot, consisting of four buildings, built in several phases from 1959 to 1975, in order to create a new creative working environment. The construction of a metallic shading system on the elevations, new structural openings and local demolition & reconstruction of the existing concrete slabs, structural reinforcements of the basement structural construction, addition of an external elevator to one of the buildings, new constructions and landscape formation of the building internal uncovered area, plus the full reconstruction of all the internal areas, new floor-wall-ceiling finishes-etc are some of the works to be executed.

Project: ΟΤΕ Estate Kerameikos

Location: Meg. Vasileiou, Elasidon, Stratonikis Str. & Stratonikis Square, at Kerameikos area – Athens.

Assignment: OTE Estate S.A.

Investor: OTE Estate S.A.

Services: Project Construction

Built Area: 9.000 sq.m. (above ground) & 1.855 sq.m. (underground)

Project value: € 4.720.000

Tenant: OTE S.A.

Status: Completed