> Green Advisory

We provide a full range of green consultancy services to assist property owners and design teams in accomplishing their Green Building goals
Our scope of services includes green consulting services for building certification systems such as LEED, DGNB, WELL and Energy Auditing, as well as providing guidance on the implementation of sustainable strategies into new construction projects and existing buildings.

DIMAND has the expertise to increase the market value of each property by achieving sustainability and delivering economic, environmental, social and health benefits to its clients. We are the first company in Greece that created a LEED® certified building and since then have expanded our leadership in the sustainability sector. DIMAND is also the first company in Greece to receive the designation of Credentialed Project Developer and Credentialed Quality Assurance Provider from the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Europe. Our credentials show that we deliver transparent projects which increase confidence to owners and investors and guarantee energy savings. We have experience in the development of various projects with bioclimatic design features. A variety of projects from our portfolio showcase sustainable design and construction features and almost all of our latest projects can proof the results with referring certifications. Additionally, a number of earlier projects have received sustainable certifications after the referring construction project had been completed.

We achieve this with our in-house team of experienced and specialized professionals, which include the following professions:
- LEED Accredited Professionals (Building Design + Construction),
- DGNB Consultant
- WELL Accredited Professional
- Energy Auditor

We always aim for an integrative approach by promoting environmental awareness, advising on possible synergies of strategies which save energy, reduce water consumption, enhance human health, reduce solid waste, choose sustainable and regenerative materials, use natural daylight and evaluate our choices using a life-cycle approach.